Who will win and who should win the Heisman?

Four Corners

December 11, 2009

Colt McCoy has it all
Desmond Conner, Hartford Courant

Every candidate has to have a big "Heisman moment." Colt McCoy, my choice for the award, had his against Texas A&M last month. In the Longhorns' 49-39 win, McCoy was outstanding with 304 passing yards (24-of-40, 4 TDs) and 175 rushing yards.

McCoy isn't a running quarterback. What he did for his team on that day was needed and he came through like never before. That's what big-time players at big-time programs do on big stages.

McCoy has passed for 3,512 yards and 27 TDs, his team is 13-0, ranked No. 2 and will play for the national title, all under his leadership. He did not have a great final game, but Texas did beat Nebraska.

He has had a great career, a good year and that outstanding Heisman moment.


Ingram will win, barely
Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times

The Heisman? Give it to Toby Gerhart.

Last week it seemed far-fetched that a running back on a four-loss Stanford team could win it. In fact, had Alabama tailback Mark Ingram not rebounded with a terrific 113-yard rushing game against Florida, the Heisman Trophy would now be Gerhart's to lose. My guess is Ingram will win a close decision.

Ingram's advantage: He gained 1,542 while playing on the nation's No.1 team, and an Alabama player has never won the Heisman.

Disadvantage: In five games this year, Ingram failed to rush for 100 yards. Gerhart has more yards (1,736) and touchdowns (26 to Ingram's 15).

Will it be enough for Gerhart to strike the pose on Saturday night? We can only wait and see.


Gerhart is most worthy
Shandel Richardson, Sun Sentinel

Because he played in the so-called toughest conference and helped beat the nation's so-called best team, Alabama running back Mark Ingram likely will win capture the Heisman. His numbers are worthy and the Crimson Tide are playing for a national title. It wouldn't be an absolute travesty for Ingram to win the award.

That said, Stanford's Toby Gerhart should win. He went from unknown to the country's leading rusher with 1,736 yards. He's the player fans and media should have lusted after instead of Tim Tebow.

Gerhart also carries a 3.25 GPA and will graduate three months early; he is actually a "student-athlete."

Sadly, the only way he wins is if Notre Dame cornerback Gary Gray holds the deciding vote.


Suh deserves, won't get it
Andrea Adelson, Orlando Sentinel

If the Heisman really went to the most outstanding player in college football, it would go to Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

But since it's largely a popularity contest, it will probably go to Mark Ingram.

Suh, however, has been absolutely dominant. He has 82 total tackles, including 23 for a loss. He has 24 quarterback hurries and 12 sacks - including 4.5 of fellow finalist Colt McCoy in the Big 12 championship game last week.

But the Heisman has never been partial to full-time defensive players.

Suh is just the 21st defensive player to make it into the top five in Heisman balloting.

Hopefully Saturday there will be something bigger for him to celebrate.


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