Outdoors Girl

December 06, 2009|By Candus Thomson

Jack Mercer of Laurel asks: As a recent transplant to Maryland via a military transfer, I'd like some information about waterfowling opportunities. I understand Maryland has some of the best goose and duck hunting around, and I'd like to get my feet wet, literally and figuratively. What would you suggest?

Outdoors Girl replies: If you love waterfowl hunting, you've come to the right place. The Maryland Waterfowler's Association (mdwfa.org) is a growing organization that takes its hunting and advocacy roles seriously. Jeff Plummer, who just stepped down as president of the four-year-old group, was instrumental in working with the Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife and Heritage Service to create more public hunting access and increase waterfowl habitat.

For a local overview, go to DNR's Web site and click on the hunting tab at the top of the page. Biologist Larry Hindman and his crew have done a fabulous job both on Maryland's wintering grounds and on the breeding grounds in Canada to ensure that the waterfowl population is healthy and remains so.

For a more global view, go to Ducks Unlimited's new online migration map to see how the flocks are flying. "Opening Day - First Flight" has logged more than 1.5 million visitors in its opening months. It has articles, video, gear features and several interactive maps, including detailed weather maps by ZIP code to help plan a hunt. The Web site address is: ducks.org/migrationmap/

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