Maybe snow can help the Ravens on Monday

Precipitation might stall Rodgers' air attack

December 05, 2009|By Peter Schmuck

News item: The Ravens badly need a victory Monday night on the "frozen tundra" of Lambeau Field, where the temperature is expected to be in the 20s with a 40 percent chance of snow.

My take: If Joe Flacco's game splits from his first two seasons are any indication, the cold weather might not be as big a factor as you might suspect. I'm more worried about Aaron Rodgers and his 104.9 overall quarterback rating. The league's top quarterbacks have had a lot of fun at the Ravens' expense this year.

Bonus take: Come to think of it, maybe a little snow - or a lot - would serve as an equalizer.

News item: The January issue of Golf Digest bears a cover depicting Tiger Woods caddying for Barack Obama and the main headline "10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger."

My take: Obviously, timing is everything. The issue was printed a couple of weeks before the Tiger scandal broke, but it's still good for a few cheap laughs.

News item: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has imposed new guidelines aimed at better protecting players who have suffered concussions, including the addition of an independent neurologist or neurosurgeon to each team's medical staff who will have the power to keep an injured player from returning to action too soon.

My take: That's progress, of course, but Goodell did not impose a minimum period of inactivity for players who have been diagnosed with a significant concussion. That creates a big loophole that could still allow players to underreport their symptoms to get back onto the field.

News item: Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis has been placed on the injured reserve list by the Cleveland Browns after suffering a head injury. He already had announced that he would retire at the end of the season, so his NFL career appears to be over.

My take: If you overlook his one legal train wreck while he was in Baltimore, Jamal would be a model for how professional athletes prepare for their post-athletic future. He has created several successful business ventures during his playing career and decided to retire because he was looking forward to spending more time on them. Godspeed.

News item: The Dallas Cowboys are upset because Eli Manning signed his name on the wall of the visiting locker room after the New York Giants christened the new Cowboys Stadium earlier this year.

My take: Oh, but the fact that the gaudy scoreboard can block a punt is no big deal.

News item: Orioles executives head for Indianapolis this weekend for Major League Baseball's annual winter meetings, no doubt hoping to pull off some kind of deal to upgrade the team, generate a little offseason excitement and boost ticket sales.

My take: Don't get your hopes too high. The winter meetings aren't what they used to be, which means they have a lot in common with the O's.

News item: In the midst of their greatest season, speculation already has begun that the New Orleans Saints will decline running back Reggie Bush's $8 million option for next season.

My take: Can he play third base?

News item: Roberto Alomar heads the list of first-time candidates on this year's ballot for the baseball Hall of Fame.

My take: If you look at Robbie's entire body of work, I think he's the spitting image of a Hall of Famer. I also think Bert Blyleven should get in this year. He has the numbers and he has waited long enough.

News item: The Orioles announced their 2010 spring training schedule, and it does not include a single game against the Washington Nationals.

My take: That's a four-hour hike across Florida, so you won't hear any complaints from me, but you'd think MASN could use the programming.

News item: Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik became the first high-profile golfer to blast Tiger Woods for his alleged marital infidelity, saying that he hopes Tiger's wife - who is the Parnevik family's former nanny - "uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron."

My take: Frankly, I think everybody involved in this situation has done more than enough clubbing already.

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