Chris Dufresne's Top 25

December 03, 2009

Texas, our No. 1 team since Day One, vs. Florida, our No. 2 since Day Two, at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 7: Who could've predicted that, other than everybody? Nebraska, which faces Texas in Saturday's Big 12 title game, and Alabama, Florida's foe in the SEC title game, are the only hopes to knock this season off its axis.

Last week's ranking in parenthesis

1. Texas 12-0: Time warp: Vince Young beats Matt Leinart same year Rose Bowl hosts BCS title. (1)

2. Florida 12-0: Verne Lundquist narrates documentary on Tim Tebow brushing his teeth. (2)

3. Texas Christian 12-0: That's one small BCS step for man, one giant leap for frogs. (3)

4. Alabama 12-0: Bylaws dictate governor will run state while Nick Saban is in Atlanta. (4)

5. Cincinnati 11-0: Bearcats seek first undefeated/untied season since '87 (1887). (5)

6. Boise State 12-0: Waiting for Texas to win before signing BCS bowl escrow papers. (6)

7. Oregon 9-2: Officials say Thursday's Civil War is on, come rain or … rain. (8)

8. Ohio State 10-2: No team slithers back into top 10 better than the Buckeyes. (9)

9. Iowa 10-2: Likely BCS pick would have finished, what, fifth in Pac-10? (10)

10. Georgia Tech 10-2: Coach warns team not to look behind to last week's Georgia loss. (7)

11. Penn State 10-2: Joe Paterno wouldn't mind playing in that new Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl. (12)

12. Virginia Tech 9-3: Six straight victories over Virginia are halfway to 12 straight. (14)

13. Brigham Young 10-2: Max Hall sorry for calling Utah the dirt-bag school he thinks it is. (15)

14. Oregon State 8-3: Baseball coach inspires team with "ducks on the pond" speech. (18)

15. California 8-3: Playing Washington this weekend in case you're disinterested. (19)

16. Stanford 8-4: Tiger Woods tells school mascot he's sorry about running into the tree. (20)

17. USC 8-3: Gen. Pete Carroll would have ordered one last air strike on Grenada. (22)

18. Houston 10-2: Cougars nearly blow 59-0 lead to Rice, hold on to win 73-14. (23)

19. Miami 9-3: ESPN 30-for-30 film focuses mostly on Jimmy Johnson's hair. (24)

20. Pittsburgh 9-2: And Steel Town thought playing a Cincinnati with Carson Palmer was tough? (13)

21. Oklahoma State 9-3: T. Boone Pickens says he will buy a BCS bowl and take the Cowboys there. (11)

22. Louisiana State 9-3: Les Miles is brilliant in overtime because there are no clocks involved. (25)

23. Nebraska 9-3: Next two opponents: Texas (Big 12) and possibly USC (Holiday Bowl). (NR)

24. Utah 9-3: Next season's BYU game will be moved to Vince McMahon's backyard. (NR)

25. Arizona 7-4: Finally! Something bounced right for Arizona at the end of a game. (NR)

Dropped out: Temple (16), Navy (17), Clemson (21).

Moved in: Nebraska, Arizona, Utah.

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