Chris Dufresne's college football rankings

November 26, 2009

Chris Dufresne's Top 25
Yeah, it's the same old teams at the top. This season has been as sleepy as Texas quarterback Colt McCoy's tiny hometown of Tuscola, Texas, where it's always Friday night lights (out at 9) and the joke is the hunting gets better the closer you get to the city center. Maybe this is the weekend some dust gets kicked up. Auburn, Florida State, Nevada, Texas A & M - any of you guys have it in you to make this a November to remember for you and a November to forget for your Thanksgiving weekend opponents?

We'll be watching, and eating, and watching and watching … and eating.

Last week's ranking in parentheses

1. Texas 11-0: Bevo leaves game to thunderous cattle calls on Bovine Senior Night. (1)

2. Florida 11-0: Urban Meyer interested in Notre Dame if they move spring training to Vero Beach. (2)

3. Texas Christian 11-0: Looking, biblically, to knock New Mexico back to Old Testament. (3)

4. Alabama 11-0: Dream nonconference schedule: Chattanooga, B & O Railroad, Marvin Gardens, Park Place. (4)

5. Cincinnati 10-0: Person responsible for scheduling Illinois is sentenced to watch it. (5)

6. Boise State 11-0: We need a fair system, you know, like penalty kicks deciding MLS championship. (6)

7. Georgia Tech 10-1: Jackets take on the real Ramblin' Wrecks this week: 6-5 Georgia. (7)

8. Oregon 9-2: Shaping up to be the best Civil War game since 0-0 tie in 1983. (8)

9. Ohio State 10-2: Working on Rose Parade float entry: "Ode to a Red Sweater Vest." (9)

10. Iowa 10-2: Orange Bowl wants at-large selections of Iowa's defense and Penn State's offense. (11)

11. Oklahoma State 9-2: Upset alert: Cowboys have beaten Sooners eight times! Since … 1945. (12)

12. Penn State 10-2: Joe Paterno actually knew "Sherman" of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. (14)

13. Pittsburgh 9-1: Jimmy Clausen will watch Friday's "Backyard Brawl" out of his good eye. (15)

14. Virginia Tech 8-3: School "Hokies" founded play at school Thomas Jefferson founded. (16)

15. Brigham Young 9-2: Quarterback Max is so good he should have a hall named for him. (17)

16. Temple 9-2: School has won 10 games countless times, but it was in basketball. (18)

17. Navy 8-3: Army game moved to Dec. 12 to allow opponent time to reinstitute the draft. (19)

18. Oregon State 8-3: Last year's Rose bid game vs. Oregon ended more like "Rose Bud." (21)

19. California 8-3: Stanford game will not be replayed Friday on Versus "Classic" Channel. (22)

20. Stanford 7-4: Jim Harbaugh says "what's your deal?" in argument with local car salesman. (13)

21. Clemson 8-3: Late-to-party, we have discovered Clemson is actual team in actual conference. (NR)

22. USC 7-3: Pete Carroll's Trojans haven't lost home conference game in almost two weeks. (20)

23. Houston 9-2: Winner of annual game with Rice takes home coveted Enron Trophy. (23)

24. Miami 8-3: GPS company says it's not liable for weekend trip north to South Florida. (24)

25. Louisiana State 8-3: Wanted to move team higher, but ran out of time. (10)

Dropped out: Arizona (25)

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