Four corners: Which is your favorite NFL announcing team?

November 26, 2009

Monday night chemistry
Joseph Schwerdt

Sun Sentinel

All the greats were and are minimalists. Ray Scott may be the best ever. Pat Summerall was calm and cool next to blustery John Madden. Dick Enberg, two words: "Oh, my!" Verne Lundquist is the best in the business today. Smooth and smart, he doesn't get in the way of the game. But the best team on an NFL game? It's the ESPN "Monday Night Football" crew. Three in the booth and two sideline reporters? Way too much chatter. But Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden have extraordinary chemistry. Tirico is easy on the ears. Jaws and Gruden are the most knowledgeable combo on the air.

Can't beat Sunday night
Keith Groller

Allentown Morning Call

As you get older, you tend to think everything was better in the old days. But this may be the golden age of football broadcasting with an abundance of solid play-by-play guys and analysts who know they have to give you more than just the intricacies of the trap play.

Of the many A-list tandems out there, Joe Buck/Troy Aikman, Jim Nantz/Phil Simms and Brent Musburger/Kirk Herbstreit all have developed nice chemistry, but I am very surprised at how fast Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth have grown on me. Perhaps it's the smoothness of Michaels that makes every partner sound so much better, perhaps it's that the NFL caters to NBC and always gives it the best games. But I find myself "listening" to more Sunday night games than any others.

Rhythm of Al & Cris
Fred Mitchell

Chicago Tribune

The NBC "Sunday Night Football" broadcast tandem of Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels is growing on me. Collinsworth injects effective doses of blunt criticism that at the very least carry a semblance of credibility, based on his years as a player in the NFL.

Michaels is more tempered in his assessments of players and coaches, yet not as flowery, self-important-sounding or poetic as he was on occasion during ABC "Monday Night Football" broadcasts. Together, Michaels and Collinsworth provide a nice rhythm and backdrop while we watch the game.

Enberg's elegance
Diane Pucin

Los Angeles Times

Does this make me old? Don't care. Dick Enberg has been and continues to be my favorite television commentator. On the NFL it's a good Sunday when Enberg's voice is on the game. He's a rational voice on college basketball. But Enberg is great at another of my favorite sports, tennis. His turn of phrase in football, basketball and tennis is both economical and elegant. Yes, he has a catchphrase - "Oh, my." But it sounds as if it comes from the heart and not as a calculated attempt to have a signature sentence. Enberg told the San Diego Union Tribune earlier this month he might like to get back to baseball announcing. He did it once with the Angels. They'd be very lucky to get him again.

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