NBC's Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth call the Eagles' trip to Soldier Field to face the Bears

Sunday night with Al & Cris

November 22, 2009

Al says … "The Eagles are what the NFL has become: very unpredictable. They were playing pretty well, then inexplicably lost to Oakland - how did that happen? - come back and kill the Giants, close game against Dallas but can't deliver, fall way behind in San Diego and rally but lose again. The one thing about the Eagles that people should know by now - the last few years this has happened - is they'll look like they're dead, and all of a sudden they play extremely well down the stretch."

Cris says … " Jay Cutler really needs a 'moment' with these Bears fans where they embrace him. I can't think of a better moment than against Donovan McNabb. There have always been backdoor rumors about 'Would Donovan ever go home to play in Chicago?' Now he comes in against the Bears, who have not done well in prime-time games. Cutler has not done well in prime-time games. But now for the first time on Sunday night, they're playing at home, and they need a good game. They need it for everybody, and not just Jay Cutler."

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