Black community no more homophobic than any other

November 22, 2009

I think it is silly and unfair to say that the black community is more "heterosexist" (a term I prefer) than white communities. Blacks are not the major voting bloc in any state, and we do not make up a majority in any state or national legislative body in this country. The legal oppression of gays does not come from the black community - we are 14 percent of the population. I don't know of any ethnic community in America that does not stigmatize gays.

I went to a majority college and have always worked for companies mostly comprised of whites, and anti-gay slurs are common. Let's attack ignorance and leave race out of it. That only serves to further isolate people and set up these separate camps.

By the way, the California referendum could not have passed even if every black person in California voted for it.Leon J. Henry, Baltimore

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