Sun picks: Ravens vs. Colts

By Baltimore Sun staff and WJZ's Mark Viviano

November 20, 2009

Kevin Cowherd
Colts 31, Ravens 24

Peyton Manning will be too much for the listless Ravens, who should require Red Bull chugging before kickoff.

Jamison Hensley
Colts 30, Ravens 20

Manning has dominated the Ravens like no other quarterback this decade.

Edward Lee
Colts 27,

Ravens 14

It's a haunting formula: Productive opposing quarterback + Ravens secondary = Ravens loss.

Ken Murray
Colts 31, Ravens 21

There is no defense good enough when Manning is doing this well.

Mike Preston
Colts 21, Ravens 10

If the Ravens don't establish a running game, this could turn into a lopsided Colts victory.

Peter Schmuck | The Baltimore Sun
Colts 31, Ravens 17

Colts are too upbeat, and the Ravens are too beat up.

WJZ's Mark Viviano
Colts 31, Ravens 21

Too much Manning, not enough Ravens "D."

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