Ravens Vs, Colts The Picks

November 20, 2009

Kevin Cowherd

Colts 31,:

Ravens 24 :

Peyton Manning will be too much for the listless Ravens, who should require Red Bull chugging before kickoff.

Jamison Hensley

Colts 30, :

Ravens 20:

Manning has dominated the Ravens like no other quarterback this decade.

Edward Lee

Colts 27,:

Ravens 14 :

It's a haunting formula: Productive opposing quarterback + Ravens secondary = Ravens loss.

Ken Murray

Colts 31,:

Ravens 21 :

There is no defense good enough when Manning is doing this well.

Mike Preston

Colts 21,:

Ravens 10 :

If the Ravens don't establish a running game, this could turn into a lopsided Colts victory.

Peter Schmuck

Colts 31,:

Ravens 17:

Colts are too upbeat, and the Ravens are too beat up.

WJZ's Mark Viviano

Colts 31,:

Ravens 21:

Too much Manning, not enough Ravens "D."

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