Poggi staying at Gilman

November 12, 2009

After the Gilman football team upset McDonogh on Saturday, one online media outlet reported that Greyhounds coach Biff Poggi might not be back on the sideline next fall. But when asked about the report Monday, Poggi said he had no plans to leave.

"I've got another son who's pretty good. He played as a freshman, so I'm not going anywhere," Poggi said of his younger son, Henry Poggi, who played on the varsity along with brother Jim Poggi, a senior.

Biff Poggi said he was asked Saturday about Jim moving on to play for Iowa next year but said he didn't mean to give the impression that he was moving along, too.

"I said I'm really interested in him getting settled, and I want to get out to see him as much as I can, and I think [the reporter] might have taken that to mean that I wouldn't be here, but you can do both."

The coach, whose team earned its ninth MIAA A Conference championship since 1998 with the 37-24 win over McDonogh, said he expects to stick with the team at least through Henry's final three years.

"Then I may go off gracefully into that sunset," Poggi said with a laugh, "but who knows?"

- Katherine Dunn

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