Dixon deserves support

November 10, 2009

As an African-American woman and someone who cares deeply about the health of the city of Baltimore, I am asking for your presence to be felt and your voice to be heard during the trial of Mayor Sheila Dixon.

Of course, it is to be expected that The Baltimore Sun (which engages in biased reporting) as well as other media are trying the mayor in the court of public opinion. I am not so naive as to think that they will be objective and provide balanced reporting because that does not improve TV ratings or increase the Sunpaper readership.

While they have their job to do, albeit in aslanted way, it's tough to see the mayor so maligned when we know they are merely attempting to create a story without all the facts. Yet, the danger is that some of our friends and neighbors in our community may believe what is being said without the mayor having had her day in court. The state prosecutor, with the help of the media, appears to want to dehumanize her so that we the public can believe that she intentionally stole from the poor.

I simply cannot believe that the mayor, who has made public service her life's aspiration, would so willingly give it all up for $1,500 in gift cards. She has worked too hard over the past 20 years in public service to totally destroy her well-earned career and personal reputation.

The mayor has done an extraordinary job and has numerous accomplishments within her very short tenure. Her commitment to the city is unquestionable. Her results speak for themselves.

Please be vigilant during this trial and vocal in your support for the mayor. For those of us who don't agree with how this is playing out, we must make our dissatisfaction more public. She needs to know and feel our support. And, when this trial is over and she is found not guilty, she will still need our support.

Let the court of justice take its course, and in the meantime let's pray that Mayor Sheila Dixon will not be distracted from continuing to be the highly effective mayor of Baltimore City.B.J. Sykes, Baltimore

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