Aztec De Oro's Liquor License Is Suspended

September 05, 2009|By Brent Jones | Brent Jones,

Baltimore's liquor board suspended the license of a Mexican restaurant in Greektown for six months Thursday, citing public urination outside the bar and a general lack of control by the owners.

During the two-hour hearing, a liquor board inspector said he was standing outside Aztec de Oro, in the 4900 block of Eastern Ave., Aug. 7 and watched customers leave with open containers of beer. The inspector said several customers urinated in the open, including in the parking lot of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, according to liquor board Chairman Stephan Fogleman.

Fogleman said an inspector also testified to watching a woman inside the club dance in a fishnet bra and panties while surrounded by several men in July, violating adult entertainment laws. The restaurant owner's son testified that he thought the woman was appropriately dressed and did not have a problem with the incident, according to liquor board officials.

"It was the lack of contrition at the hearing that really drove the board to make sure he understands the seriousness of the liquor laws," Fogleman said.

It is the longest fixed-term suspension these commissioners of the board have issued.

Peter Prevas, who represented the restaurant at the hearing, said he has not decided whether to file an appeal in Baltimore Circuit Court that would allow the business to remain open until a hearing.

"It was a little harsh," Prevas said of the board's decision.

Fogleman added that the bar's owners also did not have their corporate license documents displayed.

Since 2007, Aztec de Oro has been before the liquor board two other times, for underage drinking and other offenses.

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