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August 30, 2009|By Ross Werland | Ross Werland,Tribune Newspapers

Name: : E-sling by Case Logic

What it is: : A messenger-type polyester shoulder bag designed to hold personal electronics and other items.

How it works: : The largest of three versions works wonderfully whether carrying gear on a trip or back and forth to work. It has two main zippered compartments with smaller storage areas within and two large pockets front and back. One large compartment is padded for a mini-laptop. The other compartment is big enough for other gadgets and more. I variously carried a hardcover book, newspapers, magazines, an umbrella and a jacket in addition to a BlackBerry, MP3 player and glasses case.

The good: : For guys who don't want to schlep a briefcase but feel uncomfortable with a man purse, this is perfect because it's ample as a "personal bag," that second piece that air passengers are allowed to carry on without penalty.

The bad: : If you overpack, which is tempting because of the many internal pouches, the flap can tend to stick out. Also, the design precludes attaching a handle. A pad to keep the strap from slipping would be a good idea.

Cost: : $54.99

Available from: :

- Ross Werland, Tribune Newspapers

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