Midway Food Includes A Few Unexpected Items

August 27, 2009|By Chris Kaltenbach

Parkville native Jim Ingram is manager of the food division for Florida-based Deggeller Attractions, the company that runs the Midway at the Maryland State Fair. Since running away to join the carnival 16 years ago, at age 30 - "You could say it was a midlife crisis," he offers - Ingram's been to many a fair, sampled plenty of hot dogs, candy apples and every other staple you'd expect on a Midway.

"When people come out here," he notes, "they're not on a diet. It's their one time to splurge and not really worry about their waistline."

For the adventurous, here are five potentially unexpected foods to be found in Timonium this year:

* Chef salads. "I don't know if you'd consider them health foods, but we have them." Compared with corn dogs and cotton candy, yeah, they sound pretty healthful.

* Fruit crepes. "That's not something that you'd normally expect to find at a state fair." Unless maybe your state is in France.

* U-Pour-It Slush. "You buy a cup, you can make your own drink with different colors, fruit punch, pina colada. The kids and the teenagers really like it." Think of it as a "pousse-cafe" for the underage set.

* Deep-fried Oreo cookies. "They're new to the carnival industry, and they've become really popular." With whom?

* Deep-fried Twinkies. "I think I've heard about them being out there." You know these are going to be low on calories.

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