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August 23, 2009|By Candus Thomson

This is one of those products Gear Girl wishes she did not have to test.

But although she is very careful outdoors, she sometimes misses the warning signs ("Leaves of three ... ").

The lack of vigilance leads to little red bumps, a rash and the insatiable desire to scratch 24/7 - the calling card of poison ivy. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 85 percent of us will develop an allergic reaction if we touch poison ivy, oak or sumac, so finding relief ranks high on the adventure must-have list.

Ivarest Poison Ivy Cleansing Foam can be used to head off a rash attack if you suspect you've come in contact with a plant, or to speed healing if the warning signs come too late. The foam breaks the oily bond between the toxins and skin, allowing them to be washed away.

To treat a rash, Ivarest makes a Double Relief Treatment Cream, which contains an antihistamine, an analgesic and calamine.

The Ivarest foam retails for $5.97-$8.99; the cream, for $4.37 to $6.99. Both can be found in drug stores, camping supply outlets and select supermarkets.

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