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August 16, 2009|By June Sawyers | June Sawyers,Tribune Newspapers

"500 Things to Eat Before It's Too Late"

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $19.95:

From New England to the West Coast, authors Jane and Michael Stern have assembled a truly mouthwatering guide to 500 dishes and the best cheap places to eat them in the United States. Where to begin?

In New England alone they recommend such regional specialties as clam chowder, lobster rolls, Indian pudding, johnnycakes (in Rhode Island the law dictates that these pancakes must be made with white cap flint corn, not sugar or flour) and whoopee pie (two pieces of chocolate cake with a creamy center).

The South has many delicacies, including banana pudding. The Midwest has Italian beef, bratwurst and fish boils; the Southwest, chile relleno and green corn tamale; and in the West, coffee in Portland, Ore., and Seattle and sourdough bread in the San Francisco Bay area. Plenty of recipes, too.

- June Sawyers, Tribune Newspapers

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