Columbia Teen To Be Tried As Juvenile

Suspect In Attack On Guard To Be Held As A Safety Risk

August 13, 2009|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,

A 16-year-old Columbia youth and alleged gang affiliate accused as an adult in a May attack on a security guard near the Long Reach Village Center was ordered detained Wednesday as a public safety risk, but also had his case returned to juvenile court.

Darnell Rasheen Furby had been free on $35,000 bail until Howard County Circuit Judge Richard S. Bernhardt decided the teen should be treated as a juvenile instead of facing adult charges of assault, theft, and use of a handgun in commission of a felony in the May 13 attack in the 8800 block Flowerstock Row. Furby lives in that same block.

Two police officers said Furby is a close associate of a Long Reach gang called the Cutthroat Committee, though Bernhardt also heard that Furby was not the person who fired several shots during the attack on a 27-year-old security officer or the one who punched the officer in the face. The gang decided to attack the guard because of an earlier incident with another security person working for the same company, according to court testimony.

"Mr. Furby seemed to take it on himself to ruin his life in the past year," Bernhardt said, referring to two incidents last summer in which Furby was accused as a juvenile in possession of drugs and was stopped for driving without a license. He completed two juvenile programs successfully. Furby also had been reported 14 times for disciplinary problems by teachers at Long Reach High School for cursing, refusing to listen and being disruptive.

If he regains his freedom after a hearing before a juvenile master, Furby is to start his senior year of high school at Homewood, the county's school for disruptive students.

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