Readers Respond: Health Care Reform

August 11, 2009

Sarbanes won't face voters

Congressman John Sarbanes, you are a coward. I believe you forgot who elected you. In the article ("Debate rages on," Aug. 8), it is pointed out that you are conducting conference calls instead of meeting your voters in person.

Heath care reform is a very important issue throughout our country, not only for our representatives, but for every American citizen. Hiding behind your telephone will do this issue no service.

I am a concerned citizen, not part of an organized group, and I plan to be at the town hall meeting Senator Benjamin Cardin is conducting on Monday evening. You might take a lesson from a seasoned representative and give your constituents the satisfaction of voicing their opinions in person. There is no transparency in your tactic, and you are sounding too much like the current White House for my taste.

Sandi Clisham, Parkton

Democrats imploding over health care

The Democratic Party seems to have placed itself on the fast track to oblivion. As public rejection of Obamacare increases, our Democratic representatives are slinking into their shells.

Worse than that, our representatives are now attempting to convince themselves that the opposition is actually some type of conspiracy; that the insurance and pharmaceutical companies have paid off some vast numbers of Americans, or that they all march to the drum of the Republican Party.

The video and audio clips available from the handful of town hall meetings clearly show one, and only one thing: a public that voted for "change" but received a triple dose of what they thought was wrong.

So now we have a public, highly disenchanted with Congress, attempting to give their representatives a piece of their minds, only to discover that their representatives have no answers, other than Obama talking points. So what do our representatives do about it? Why, they call their constituents Nazis (Nancy Pelosi) or they try to marginalize the people by grouping them with crazies (Brad Miller) or they cry conspiracy (Harry Reid). With Congress's approval rating at a scant 24 percent, Democrats cannot afford to stick their heads in the sand.

Anthony Ciani, Bel Air

Republicans ignore facts on health reform

I like to think that not all Republicans are redneck airheads, but it is increasingly difficult to keep the faith. The party is handling health care issues in the same way they seem to handle everything else: make up your mind before knowing the facts; ignore any facts that others who don't believe exactly as you do may offer; further exhibit ignorance by making a scene while others try to learn the facts.

This is the same approach Republicans took to the end of of the presidential campaign when they screamed epithets and called candidate Barack Obama a socialist, a Nazi and worse.

A person in the U.S. can garner a heap of facts (and opinions) in the print press, via 24/7 television news, or on the Internet. Why don't these loud-mouths calm down and pursue some of this information so that they actually know what they're yelling about?

Dayle E. Dawes, Arnold

Time for facts in health debate

Thank you, Baltimore Sun, for finally weighing in ("Myths of health reform," Aug. 9) on the "confusion" about health care reform that is continuously alluded to on the network news but with no attempt to provide any clarifying analysis.

Dr. Stephen F. Jencks' statement that the public needs more "explanation rather than just fight reporting" from the media during the month of August was right on. The misinformation needs to be dispelled through the media, item by item, as much as possible between now and the return of the Congress to Washington so that there is reasonable debate about health care reform. The media must take responsibility for explaining the differences between the five plans that Congress left behind, with the goal of having one plan that the public can support and that meets the president's goal of reform by the end of the year.

William Wilson, Baltimore

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