Recycling's A Hit At Glen Burnie Carnival

August 10, 2009|By Nicole Fuller | Nicole Fuller,

The Big Glen Burnie Carnival, an annual extravaganza of rides, games and fair food, has gone green.

Organizers of the carnival teamed with the office of Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold and a local Home Depot to introduce recycling to the event for the first time in its 102-year history.

Beth Behegan, a member of the executive committee of the Glen Burnie Improvement Association, which puts on the carnival as its chief fundraiser, said it decided this year to switch from fountain sodas to plastic bottles. Being an avid recycler herself, Behegan said she called Leopold's office to see if they could help.

The county lent the group 20 recycling containers, recycling stickers for trash cans, and Home Depot provided lids. Behegan said the effort was a huge success.

"I was amazed," Behegan said. "I helped clean the grounds every night. Every one I opened up was just full of the proper things - just what should be in there. I saw people walk up and start to put it in the trash can, but then stop and put it in the recycling. People have been very receptive."

The county also provided a storage container for the recyclables, which will be removed by county recycling workers at the conclusion of the carnival.

"When the carnival leaves town, it will also leave less trash for our landfill," Leopold said in a statement.

"The Glen Burnie Improvement Association should be commended for taking that extra step to promote recycling in the community."

Behegan said she could not estimate how many gallons of materials had been recycled, but said tens of thousands of people attend the carnival every year. The carnival ran from July 31 to Saturday.

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