A Grating Problem


Workers Smooth Things Out After Water Main Break

August 09, 2009|By Liz F. Kay

The problem:: A road needed repairs after a water main break in Pikesville.

The back story:: Poor follow-through after a water main break in July grated on Tremella Logan's nerves - and the undercarriage of her car.

Workers repaired the water main in the 1100 block of Scotts Hill Drive, but they failed to notice the leak had caused the roadway to bubble across the street, right in front of her driveway.

"I just can't believe how they left the street," Logan said. "Whenever I back in or pull in, my car scrapes. ... I can't even get it out of the driveway without ruining my car."

Logan drives a 2004 Infiniti sedan and also parks a 2005 Corvette in her driveway.

"I'm just so annoyed," she said. "I would think they could have seen the damage that this left."

Logan called Baltimore County officials to complain, but the person she spoke with told her she would have to put in a request with the city of Baltimore.

So, Logan called Watchdog, and we contacted Baltimore County's Department of Public Works. Hours later, the road was repaired.

The problem stemmed from an oversight, said David Fidler, a county public works spokesman.

Baltimore owns the water system that supplies both the city and Baltimore County, and the two work together when water main breaks occur, Fidler said - Baltimore workers fix the water problem, and county staff repair the road. But when they repaired the site July 23, county workers failed to notice the road had bubbled in front of Logan's driveway, Fidler said, probably because the damage was not at the water line's location.

"It was an oversight because it was across the street," he said. "We're grateful for the tip."

Thanks to the repair, departures and arrivals at the Logan household are much smoother.

"It is beautiful," Logan said. "It's done, and they did a wonderful job."

Who can fix this:: Tim Burgess, chief, Baltimore County Department of Public Works Bureau of Highways. 410-887-3560. Baltimore County residents should call Baltimore's "one-call" center to report water problems at 410-396-5352.

- Liz F. Kay

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