Ashley Urbanski

Glimpsed At Blue Hill Tavern

August 09, 2009|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,Special to the Baltimore Sun

Ashley Urbanski describes her style as "sophisticated with a twist. ... I like to wear about one trendy piece, not everything [trendy] all at once." The 23-year-old marketing coordinator for BHS Corrugated certainly hit the mark when we "glimpsed" her at the Blue Hill Tavern in Canton. "Fashion is important to me because your appearance is one of the first things people notice about you," says the Canton resident.

The look: Black cotton puffed-sleeve shirt. Tan pinstripe pleated cotton-blend skirt. Flat black patent leather sandals. Black microfiber tote. Silver heart pendant necklace. Diamond stud earrings.

Where it came from: She bought the shirt and skirt at Express. Her sandals came from Aldo. Her handbag was a Victoria's Secret purchase. Her necklace is from Tiffany & Co. Her earrings are from Jared.

How she looks: "During the summer - on the weekends - I go for a more relaxed, beachy vibe. But, during the weekdays, it's more of a sophisticated look ... I try to be trendy, but keep it at a low cost. ... I pair a lot of economical choices with a few nice accessories. I wouldn't wear 100 percent designer, but I like to throw a few [designer pieces] in the mix. I do like the finer things. Like real Tiffany pieces. But, I won't buy those for myself. I'll let other people buy that for me."

How she shops: "I shop seasonally. My favorite stores are Bebe and Express. I like to frequent Towson Town and Columbia malls. ... I like to go on the occasional trip to New York to find the eclectic piece. I usually go to Chinatown for the knockoffs. But, if I want to splurge on anything, it's a nice bag. ... I usually look for something I can wear to work, but can go into the nighttime."

What she loves now: "I really like sundresses. I love wearing skirts. I like bright colors. I typically wear a lot of teal and blue. I love shoes and purses. I usually wear heels out, even though I'm wearing flats [tonight]. ... I have a pair of Burberry espadrilles. They lace up around your ankle. I use them to dress up an outfit or dress it down. I've been wearing those a lot this summer. I'm a little obsessed with them."

Her fashion do's and don'ts: "You don't want to show too much skin. If you're going to wear shorts out, you wouldn't want to wear a spaghetti-strap tank top, too. I'd wear jeans and a spaghetti-strap, or a longer top with shorts. You don't want to look like you're trying too hard: too much jewelry, too much make-up, a little too trendy and over-the-top. Don't wear something you're not comfortable in."

A fashion turn-off: "I hate when you go out in Baltimore, and people are wearing flip-flops in the bar. I used to live in Tampa, and moving back to Baltimore, people don't dress up as much. In Tampa, they were more polished. In Baltimore, people go with a more relaxed vibe."

Her fashion icon: "Jennifer Aniston is my fashion inspiration. She always looks put together. She'll put a black tank top together with jeans and a few accessories, and she'll look fabulous. ... She's got the Malibu sophisticated vibe that I like."

If money was no object... "I would probably have all designer purses. I love Prada. As far as shoes go, I love Christian Louboutin. And I'd wear something new every day. I'd never wear the same outfit twice."

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