Snoop Scores And Leaps Into Dogg Pound

August 08, 2009|By Peter Schmuck

News item: : Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg visited Ravens training camp Thursday and put on quite a show, spoofing Ray Lewis' "What time is it?" pre-game ritual and showing some nice dance moves in the team's agility ladder drill.

My take: : Then the club tried him out at wide receiver.

News item: : Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has scheduled a news conference for today at Yankee Stadium to explain his 2003 positive test for a performance-enhancing substance.

My take: : It seems like Ortiz wants to be a stand-up guy, but if he announces that it was a female fertility drug and he used it only once to deal with a legitimate medical issue, well, that's when I'm going to become really cynical about this steroid thing.

Related news item: : Ortiz has said he wants to find out what performance-enhancing drug showed up in his system, and he said would reveal that information to the Red Sox and the public.

My take: : Strategically, this definitely is preferable to publicly calling for himself to be kicked out of the sport.

Still another related news item: : Hall of Famer Hank Aaron wants the remaining names on the 2003 steroid list to be made public, and wants to see Pete Rose reinstated by commissioner Bud Selig so he can become eligible for the Hall of Fame.

My take: : Rose has a better chance of being on that list than of getting a plaque in Cooperstown anytime soon.

News item: : Twenty-two-year-old lefty Brian Matusz on Tuesday became the fifth Orioles rookie to win his major league debut this season, something that hasn't happened in the major leagues since the 19th century.

My take: : That's a nice rebuilding stat, especially for a team that hasn't had a winning season since the 20th century.

News item: : Pedro Martinez is pitching well in his minor league rehabilitation assignment, but the Phillies are having trouble finding a place for him in their starting rotation.

My take: : The soft spot right now is veteran Jamie Moyer, who has a rotation-high 5.55 ERA, but there's a catch: Moyer (10-8) is the winningest pitcher on the team.

Bonus take: : Well, at least the Orioles have one thing in common with the defending world champs. The O's couldn't find room for Pedro in their rotation either.

News item: : The Green Bay Packers are rumored to be one of the NFL teams most likely to sign Michael Vick.

My take: : Makes perfect sense. The Packers drafted two backup quarterbacks last year but apparently feel that Aaron Rodgers has gotten too comfortable without another big-name veteran quarterback lurking around.

News item: : The Florida Gators have opened practice and are seeking their third BCS title in four years.

My take: : Tim Tebow is so great that he might just win two BCS titles this year and make it 4-for-4.

News item: : Derrick Mason ended his brief retirement last weekend and reported to Ravens training camp.

My take: : They still have to get Mark Clayton over his hamstring injury and figure out whether Demetrius Williams can stretch the field, but the receiver situation has been downgraded from a "crisis" to a "concern."

News item: : The New York Giants have signed quarterback Eli Manning to a six-year contract extension that could be worth $97.5 million.

My take: : Obviously, the global economic recession continues to haunt the NFL.

News item: : Michael Phelps won five gold medals and one silver medal at the world championships in Rome.

My take: : Now, time for a few days in Vegas and maybe a frat party somewhere. I mean, the guy has earned some R&R.

News item: : Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson suffered a mild ACL sprain last weekend but was back on the field Wednesday to resume his competition with Sage Rosenfels for the starting job behind center.

My take: : Fill in your own Brett Favre joke here. I'm plum out.

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