Burned Kitten Is Police Case

August 08, 2009|By Jill Rosen | Jill Rosen,jill.rosen@baltsun.com

An 8-month-old kitten is fighting to survive after kids threw bricks at her and then set her on fire in West Baltimore.

The cat, named Gabrielle at BARCS where she was being treated Friday morning, was set on fire in the Garrison Avenue neighborhood, the shelter's executive director Jennifer Mead-Brause says.

Police will be investigating, BARCS says. Mead-Brause wasn't sure if this case is related to cat burnings earlier this summer in Northwest Baltimore. The Snyder Foundation is offering $1,000 to anyone who comes forward with information leading to the conviction of the individuals responsible for this crime.

Despite serious burns on her side and back, Gabrielle is walking around and even purring, Mead-Brause says.

"She's doing OK," she said. "I feel good about her. She's going to take a long time to recover and like with Phoenix, she's got to be able to fight off the infection."

Phoenix, a pit bull puppy, was doused with gasoline and set on fire in Southwest Baltimore in May. She had to be euthanized a few days later after her kidneys began to fail because of her injuries.

In the case of Gabrielle, a tiny black-and-white cat, Animal Control received a call from a citizen about a cat that had been set on fire. The person stated that she saw several kids throw rocks and bricks at the cat and then pour a liquid on it. She turned away and when she turned back, the cat was burning. The cat was able to roll and put the flames out, but the kids caught it and set it on fire a second time.

That was about a week ago. Animal Control was able to find the cat and get her treated on Thursday.

Local animal rescue group Recycled Love will be taking over Gabrielle's treatment and care.

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