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August 08, 2009

Nearly two weeks ago, Baltimore County Councilman Stephen G. Samuel Moxley was involved in a four-car accident in West Baltimore and subsequently charged by police with driving under the influence.

This is the second such charge he has faced in four years. In 2005, he crashed a county-owned vehicle into a stopped car on the shoulder of the beltway. He was charged with DUI in that case, too, but was sentenced to a year of probation before judgement.

What is the councilman's explanation for his actions? So far, he has offered none. His only comment to date - supplied before this week's council meeting - is that he does not intend to resign.

Mr. Moxley owes county residents more than that. One DUI charge may represent a momentary lapse in judgment, but two suggests a pattern.

The councilman has not been convicted, of course. But this is a serious matter, and it's difficult to understand how Mr. Moxley's continued silence serves the public interest. If he is innocent, he should say so. If he is not, he ought to offer a reason why he should continue in such an important post.

This has been a difficult summer for the County Council. Last week, Councilman Kennth Oliver pleaded guilty to pocketing $2,300 in campaign donations. He has also refused public comment and to step down.

What are voters to think of all this? At the very least, it suggests there's not much interest in accountability on the council.

Peter Jensen

Readers respond

Seems to be typical of our politicians lately. They feel they owe their constituents nothing! Mr. Moxley, you do owe us an explanation, if nothing else.

Fed Up

Mr.Moxley is using his moxie to stay mum because he hopes the incident will die a quiet death.

He would no doubt insist that two incidents do not a pattern make. The question here is if he has an alcohol problem and if his judgment is so impaired that he jumps in a car and drives when he is soused.

If so, he should not be making any decisions about the county budget and other important issues until he gets counseling and is completely rehabilitated.


Both of these county councilmen have disgraced their offices with their behavior. They should be ashamed of themselves and for the embarrassment and shame it brings on their constituents. How would I feel if the man I had voted for was stealing campaign funds or getting DUIs? I'd feel duped and ashamed.


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