Puppy Love Brings Canines To Area Shelter

Southern Dogs Come North, Where Demand Is Higher

August 07, 2009|By Jill Rosen | Jill Rosen,jill.rosen@baltsun.com

A new program that redistributes shelter animals has left the Humane Society of Baltimore County atypically flush with yipping, yapping and springing small dogs and puppies.

This weekend, 31 pups arrived at the Reisterstown shelter from rural Tennessee. Because that shelter was overflowing with animals and was prepared to euthanize them, the Humane Society agreed to take in the dogs.

According to Heather Hart, the Humane Society's animal center director, the swap is a new initiative aimed to bring dogs from crowded Southern shelters to the North, where they're more in demand.

"There, people aren't willing to adopt and here, we've got people who will adopt, but we don't have the dogs they're looking for," Hart said.

The dog shipment includes Chihuahuas, Chihuahua mixes, beagles, Jack Russell puppies and other popular breeds that typically go quickly at area shelters.

Most of the dogs are ready for adoption. A few, including the eight squirmy Jack Russell puppies, need a little more time before their public debut.

Thursday morning, the pens were filled with a variety of Chihuahuas, barking and leaping at their gate to greet visitors. There was Chico, Tinkerbell, Buster and Blackie - all high-energy Chihuahuas. More mellow but still very social were Cloud and Robin, larger, white Chihuahua mixes.

There was even Freddie, an Australian shepherd/border collie mix with long, glossy fur. Keith, an Australian shepherd mix puppy, only 11 weeks old, won't stay small for long, either.

"A lot of them are just so happy to get in your lap," Hart says. "They're all very friendly."

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