Elizabeth Large's Top 10 Most Popular Blog Topics

August 05, 2009|By ELIZABETH LARGE

It seems like no matter what the original topic on my blog at Dining@Large, sooner or later the readers commenting get back to the same things they want to talk about. Here are the 10 topics we've dissected, examined, rehashed and argued over more times than I can count:


Children misbehaving in restaurants


Whose fault poor service is - the restaurant's or the customer's


Which restaurant has the best crab cakes. Why they are terrible because they are made with alien crab meat


Everything tastes better in New York (bagels, reubens, pizza, etc.)


The shortcomings of the blogware


How much you should tip


Rachael Ray: foodie or fraudie?


Top 10 should include only places that the critic has reviewed, in spite of the Official Disclaimer


Foie gras: heaven or hell?


The evil server who substitutes real coffee for decaf

Readers talk back

The king of all topics here is crabs. ... It seems like all you have to do is say the word crabs and people will post 100 comments.

Posted by: Owl Meat Gravy

Regarding #4: Having grown up in New York I know that is correct. I also feel that for many people the food from wherever they grew up tastes "right." Posted by: Retired in Elkridge

For another blog topic that never seems to die is the Mexican vs. Tex Mex debate.

Posted by: PCB Rob

10) The evil server who substitutes coffee for decaf ... to which I add, "and vice versa!" Several times a week, a regular coffee is my only way to stay awake/sane, when the order is flubbed ... I'm doomed!!

Posted by: Evan

When I waited tables I ... never would give reg to someone instead of decaf. It was kind of an unwritten rule where I worked.

Posted by: KDM

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