Q&a Defensive Tackle Brandon Mckinney

August 04, 2009|By EDWARD LEE

McKinney spent two seasons with the San Diego Chargers before being released Oct. 4. Four days later, he was signed by the Ravens. McKinney is still dealing with that and going undrafted, as well as a certain phobia.

Question: How did you feel about being waived by the Chargers?

Answer: Still have a chip on my shoulder for getting released by San Diego and everything. I don't want to say I should have been drafted. Everybody always says that. That's a played-out excuse. But I feel ... I'm better than they thought I was.

Q: Did you have a childhood fear?

A: Still to this day. I'm scared of heights. I like roller coasters, but I don't go on them. The hardest part is going up. If they could just start up there and come down, that would be fine.

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