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August 02, 2009|By Ross Werland | Ross Werland,Tribune Newspapers

Name: : Dreamsacks Airline Comfort Set

What it is: : A huge silk blanket (43 by 72 inches), silk pillowcase (15 by 20 inches) and adjustable silk eyeshades

How it works: : The case slips over the airline pillow, providing a lot more comfort than the standard-issue pillow.

The blanket is large enough to keep even the most frigid passenger compartment from frosting you, and - my favorite - the silk eyeshades are so soft, you won't care how you look to the passengers heading back to the bathroom.

It all squeezes into a silk bag the size of a submarine sandwich - an easy fit for a carry-on.

The good: : These were the most comfortable eyeshades I've ever tried. Eyeshades aren't that important on domestic flights, but when crossing an ocean, you know someone's going to slide open a window shade and unleash a laserlike flash sure to wake everyone in the compartment.

Actually, I'd use them at home too.

As for the blanket, it's impossible not to get full coverage with this one, and though lightweight, it's plenty warm.

It also has a pocket to keep your shoeless feet cozy.

The bad: : I wish I had known I should have washed and tumble-dried the blanket before using it. I arrived in Rome with countless tiny blue fabric dots on my jacket. (Then again, the fashion-forward Italians might have thought it was a new style.)

Retail cost: : The suggested retail price is $59.

Availability: :

- Ross Werland, Tribune Newspapers

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