Christine Costa

Glimpsed At 13.5% Wine Bar

August 02, 2009|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,special to the baltimore sun

As a senior account executive for Imre, an advertising/marketing/public relations firm, Christine Costa knows the importance of appearances. "The way you present yourself is [a reflection] of who you are." This 25-year-old Mount Vernon resident is also an artist and describes her style as "classic lines with funky accessories."

"Overall, I wouldn't want to look so neat and expected. I like to wear something that doesn't seem like it quite fits, but it works." We definitely agreed with that assessment when we "Glimpsed" her at Hampden's 13.5% Wine Bar.

THE LOOK: Black Lycra tank top. Black velvet Poleci Bermuda shorts. Gray cotton-knit boyfriend cardigan sweater. Green suede and canvas Pink Studio ballet flats with olive embellishment. Sterling silver bird pendant necklace. Embroidered blue West hobo handbag. Silver sequined headband.

WHERE IT CAME FROM: The tank is a Target purchase. She bought the shorts and bag at Anthropologie. The cardigan came from J. Crew. She found her shoes at Nordstrom, her necklace at Shine and her headband at a thrift shop.

L.A. STATE OF MIND: "Fashion is important to me. I grew up in Los Angeles. ... In Los Angeles, everybody is hyper-conscious of their style. There are so many people out there trying to differentiate themselves that style becomes a way of reflecting who you are and how you're different from the next guy."

SHE'S NOT A REGULAR SHOPPER: "I rarely go out to go shopping, but I always keep my eye out for things. I do a lot of antiquing. My mother and grandmother are antiquers; my grandmother has an antiques store. I grew up going out with them. So, instead of getting bored, I'd keep my eye out for interesting fabrics, or vintage jewelry or cool buttons. Then, I'd figure out ways to work them into classic clothes that I have. ... I buy things that I can afford in my [basic wardrobe]."

FOR THE BASICS: "I go to J. Crew, Anthropologie and Target. Theory is the best for nice basics like shirts. Sometimes I'll go to H&M and Forever 21, but I'm really picky about fabric. I have a good eye for fabrics. So, I would never buy just anything there. "

HER FASHION PASSION: "Vintage or antique jewelry. I have an entire collection of owl charms from the '60s and '70s. They're all handcrafted and they're all different from each other. ... So, I guess I use the owl as one of my signature things. ... I'm a vintage junkie. But I always pair my vintage stuff with something modern.

HER FASHION DO'S AND DON'TS: "Know what fits your body. Know what lines and cuts make you look better. ... Don't skimp on basics like nice jeans. ... Don't think you have to show all your flesh to look sexy and ready to go out. Keeping classy is more sexy in the end."

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