10 Things Not To Miss From A&e Editor Tim Swift

August 02, 2009|By Tim Swift


Shark Week:

If you're still planning that beach vacation, you may want to avoid Discovery this week. The channel's annual celebration of blood, teeth and more teeth is back for its 22nd year. Look for Marylander Andy Dehart as he hosts several shows, including Shark After Dark. I think it's safe to assume midnight snacks are involved.


American Idols Live:

Idol has always been campy, but last season some of the contestants actually embraced the cheese factor and owned it. So this latest tour should make for a particularly guilty guilty pleasure. The Top 10 - including Adam Lambert (above) - perform 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the 1st Mariner Arena.

Web: www.baltimorearena.com


'Julie & Julia':

Meryl Streep hams it up as Julia Child while Amy Adams plays a young writer who turns her life around with an unusual inspirational text - Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Like the beloved TV chef's cuisine, Julie & Julia is buttery, very buttery, but it's far from heavy. In theaters Friday.


'In the President's Secret:

Service' by Ronald Kessler:

A former newspaper reporter goes behind the scenes with the president's personal bodyguards, writing about the serious and the silly. He details not only previously unreported assassination attempts, but also attempts by the Bush twins to ditch their handlers. In stores Tuesday.


Baltimore Restaurant Week:

Keep that TV dinner in the freezer because starting Friday more than 90 restaurants - including top-notch places like Meli American Bistro (above) - are offering three-course meals for $30.09.

Web: baltimorerestaurantweek.com


Beyonce in 'Obsessed':

Hell hath no fury like a Destiny's Child scorned. Obsessed isn't much, basically just a multicultural remake of Fatal Attraction, but it was a huge hit in the theaters. Why? Well, America loves a good catfight, and Beyonce doesn't disappoint with a window-smashing, butt-kicking performance. In stores Tuesday.


Brews and Schmooze :

With Drawing on Tradition: The Book of Esther, JT Waldman has made the Biblical heroine and pop-culture curiosity the focus of more than 40 original drawings. He'll talk about the comic-book inspired show over falafel and beers. Starts 6 p.m. Wednesdayat the Jewish Museum.

Web: jewishmuseummd.org


'Daytime Drinking':

The Maryland Film Festival is bringing back one its hits from this year's confab for a special engagement at the Charles. Daytime Drinking is about daytime drinking (surprise!) and its disastrous consequences. This is the first of what the festival hopes to be more off-fest showcases for its films. Opens Friday.


Hal Sparks:

You know him from those VH1 nostalgia shows and maybe even that elevator scene in Spider-Man 2. While he's often a supporting player on screen, Sparks takes center stage in his fast-paced stand-up act. Show starts 8 p.m. Thursday at Magooby's Joke House.

Web: magoobys.com



Remember the epic "That Was A Crazy Game of Poker"? That was only the beginning for Rockville rockers O.A.R. Since then, they've sold out Madison Square Garden and become phenoms on the college circuit. Starts 7:30 p.m. Friday at Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Web: ticketmaster.com

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