Letter To The Editor


August 02, 2009

Another road in Howard needs help from county

We are writing in response to the July 19, 2009, article regarding the county working to help make the private Henryton Road safer for residents.

We also live on a private road in Howard County. On multiple occasions, we have asked for the county's help making our road safe as well. We are not asking for a financial investment, rather we are asking that the county stop allowing tractor-trailers and heavy two-way traffic on our single-lane private road. In fact, the current traffic use is four times the county recommended safety limits. The trucks and traffic levels are not allowed by zoning, but the county has turned its back because Howard Community College owns property at the end of the road. Any other owner would not be allowed these uses. So, the college and the county are refusing to follow their own safety standards. Our children walk to the school bus on this single-lane, 14-foot road with tractor-trailers and two-way traffic. In addition, there is serious environmental damage occurring with huge ruts on the sides of the road and significant erosion at the Rockburn Branch stream. This seems as dangerous, if not more so, than the hurdles faced on Henryton Road, yet the county has failed to respond to our repeated appeals for the safety of the families on our road.

John Boyd, Susan Craig, Burnet Chalmers, Lydia Chalmers, Meg Schumacher, Jean Malkmus

Belmont Woods Road residents

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