Mr. President: Keep Your Day Job

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July 18, 2009

In fairness, President Barack Obama grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia without a dad, never played Little League and is certainly as athletic as one can expect for a president. But White Sox jacket or no, that guy really can't throw a baseball.

He made some kind of awkward windup and lobbed a lazy, stiff-armed lefty toss toward the plate at Tuesday's All Star Game that was only saved from hitting the ground by the alert play of Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols, who stretched out and scooped it up.

(Note to future presidents: First basemen, who pick throws out of the dirt all day long, may be the ideal choice for this activity.)

My dad, who was in the stadium (and called me, obnoxiously, to rub it in), said it was quite clear that the president shouldn't quit his day job.

But did you see Mr. Pujols' great save on the Fox telecast? Nope. The camera stayed trained on Mr. Obama until the pitch had been safely caught. The producers didn't broadcast the traditional center field camera angle that would have shown both the pitcher and the catcher.

Coincidence? Color me suspicious. Considering how embarrassing it was for the first President Bush (a standout baseball player in high school and college) when he bounced a pitch on the way to the plate (he said he was trying to throw a curveball), I wouldn't be shocked if the White House had some careful negotiations with Fox beforehand about camera angles. An administration as attentive to image as this one would hardly leave such a pivotal moment to chance.

Andrew A. Green

Readers respond

He's as good a president as he is a so-called pitcher.


Can't imagine Fox giving the White House a break on anything. I don't agree with your dad, I think he should quit his day job.


Obama is a fantastic basketball player and about the world's worst bowler. No one does all the sports well. You never heard anything like "Bo knows racquetball."


Not picking on whether or not Obama throws like a girl. We all can't be great at everything. He is an awesome hoopster. However, there is a good chance his people did manipulate the camera angle to protect him from the possibility of tarnishing his near-almighty image that he and his spin meisters are diligently, and almost-obsessively, trying to foster.


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