2 Suspects Sought In Atm Theft

July 16, 2009|By Liz F. Kay | Liz F. Kay,liz.kay@baltsun.com

Annapolis detectives are looking for two people who are believed to have installed a skimming device on an automated teller machine in June, a police spokesman said.

Investigators reviewing bank fraud reports noticed that four people had stated that their ATM cards had been used to make online purchases, said Officer Ray Weaver, an Annapolis police spokesman.

The purchases included cell phones from Britain and memberships to pornography and other Web sites, Weaver said.

"There's no way of knowing who is actually using the number," he said.

Several of the victims had used the ATM at the Bank of America branch at 10 Church Circle. Bank employees had told detectives July 5 that a customer had reported seeing a box on the ATM, Weaver said. Only glue residue remained when detectives investigated.

Police reviewed surveillance footage and are looking for two people who they believe installed a skimmer on the ATM.

Criminals use skimmers to capture data from magnetic strips on credit or debit cards. They can then use the numbers for online transactions or to make new cards.

Weaver warned consumers to examine ATMs before using for anything that looks unusual or out of place, such as a brochure box, which can be used to disguise a camera. Don't use a machine that looks suspicious, he said. Weaver said customers should cover their fingers when typing in a PIN to thwart thieves using video to record the keystrokes.

Anyone who suspects that they might be victims of this form of theft can contact Cpl. Pete Medley or Lt. Mark Seidel of the Annapolis police at 410-268-9000.

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