Gear Box

July 05, 2009|By Candus Thomson

Normally, all the outdoors needs for a soundtrack is nature itself. Wind blowing, leaves rustling, birds chirping - you get the picture.

But every so often, the situation requires Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Or Hank Williams. Maybe you got stuck with setting up the tent or doing the dishes. Perhaps you're watching fireworks from a kayak and would like a little 1812 Overture. Whatever the scene, the iMainGo 2 portable speaker system has you and your MP3 player covered.

Smaller than most paperback books, iMainGo 2 is hinged like a clamshell that holds the music player on one side and has titanium speakers on the other. The clear plastic face allows you to control any iPod-based system without unzipping the case. You can also use the unit to play music from most cell phones or laptops.

Minus the player, iMainGo 2 weighs about 9 ounces and runs on four AAA batteries. It has a power switch to save the juice, although you do have to unzip the case to get to it.

The sound quality isn't Bose or any of the other high-end, briefcase-sized speaker systems. But for $40 and all that portability, it's a steal.

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