Elizabeth Large's Top 10 Lunch Places For Jurors

July 01, 2009

Last Tuesday on Dining@Large I published a Top 10 list of lunch places for city jurors, from my own experience and from readers' suggestions. The list is in alphabetical order, and the times in parentheses are the estimated walking times from the courthouse from Google Maps.


Au Bon Pain at 1 South St. (3 min.) It's a chain, but a decent one. The real draw is the courtyard at the side where you can eat your lunch.


Cypriana Cafe at 120 E. Baltimore St. (2 min.) Excellent Greek pitas, salads and paninis.


Dogwood Cafe in the Woman's Industrial Exchange. (8 min.) Locally sourced, organic when possible, soups, salads and sandwiches. Not the quickest lunch.


Five Guys in the Pratt Street Pavilion. (6 min.) Burgers and fries that are better than the usual fast food.


Java Joe's at 8 E. Baltimore St. (4 min.) Gourmet coffee, upscale sandwiches (available as low carb), frozen drinks. You can call ahead to place your order.


Roly Poly Sandwiches at 7 N. Calvert St. (1 min.) For when you're short of time, pretty good chain that specializes in wraps.


Rosina Gourmet at 300 E. Lombard St. (5 min.) Overstuffed traditional Italian sandwiches that win local awards.


Sofi's Crepes under the Woman's Industrial Exchange. (8 min.) Savory and sweet crepes you can take with you.


Suzie's Soba at 7 N. Calvert St. (1 min.) Good Asian fusion food nearby; but it's not fast and it's not cheap, and I worry about it in that location. When I've been there, it hasn't been crowded.


Tremont Plaza Deli at 222 St. Paul Place. (4 min.) Excellent traditional deli sandwiches, gives 10 percent discount to jurors.

Readers talk back

Whenever I do jury duty - which seems way too often - I like Peter's Pour House at 111 Mercer St. Short walk from the courthouse, really good affordable lunches and if you sit at the bar, you can pretty much bet you'll have plenty of time for lunch and the stroll back. Friendly atmosphere, decent food at decent prices.

Posted by: Kelly

And to think I simply ate at Subway.

Posted by: matt hudock

Have a decent, high fibre breakfast with fruit, skip lunch, then eat what you want for dinner. Lunch is why so many are so fat these days. Take a long walk instead.

Posted by: Joe

If I were a restaurateur in the vicinity of the courthouse, I would have fun making up names for the menu items. Definitely, desserts would have a tort section. A sandwich called the PBJ P & J. How about The Defense Rests rooms? Somebody stop me before I think of more possibilities.....

Posted by: Bill

Grand Cafe on Charles Street.

Posted by: jmac

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