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April 30, 2009

Not right time for Palestinian state

The Baltimore Sun's editorial "Israel's twin dilemmas" (April 26) argued that "Progress on an independent Palestine would ... frustrate Iran-backed terrorists."

I'd love to see the editors explain that claim. And whether or not such progress might strengthen Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority in the short run, doesn't Palestinian independence also top Hamas' wish list?

Many in America and Europe may dream of a two-state solution incorporating a moderate Palestine, with Hamas magically either transformed or out of the picture.

But even Mr. Abbas and his Palestinian Authority continue to praise suicide bombers and to publish maps and school books depicting a one-state solution, though not in documents meant for Western consumption.

An independent Palestine at this time, whatever its borders, would be at best terribly unstable, and at worst a real terrorist state.

It would be disastrous for Israel and likely for its more moderate Arab neighbors as well and therefore for American interests.

Jeffrey Aaronson, Baltimore

One-party rule imperils nation

I can't believe that I'm in hearty agreement with the Republican leadership's opinion of the party's loss of Sen. Arlen Specter to the Democrats.

Assuming that Al Franken is seated as a Democratic senator from Minnesota and the Senate Democrats get a filibuster-proof majority, this change poses a great danger for the country in the form of unfettered and unbalanced one-party rule.

The proof of this is in the conduct of the U.S. government over much of the eight years of former President George W. Bush's leadership.

Thad Paulhamus, Baltimore

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