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April 29, 2009

Anyone who has visited New Orleans' Garden District has experienced how a trolley line and a historic urban area can live together in harmony. Easy access to public transportation is a selling point to those who live in this part of New Orleans, not a sacrifice.

Those who insist that Baltimore's proposed Red Line run entirely underground have an unrealistic view of the situation. If money were no object, the system would be a subway - and cost a king's ransom to build.

People living in Canton should understand that insisting that light rail run underneath Boston Street is a position that can only kill the project. The federal government won't pay for so much tunneling. Not because the money isn't available but because much higher priority is given projects with a better cost-benefit relationship.

Even Option 4C is no sure thing for federal approval. It's still likely to cost $1.2 billion or more to build for the benefit of 42,000 daily riders.

Does light rail hurt parking? Only in the most narrow view. If people are riding light rail, the need for such parking is lessened.

Will it destroy the neighborhood? Take a look at other cities where trolleys have made life better: Portland, Ore., San Jose, Calif., and Phoenix, Ariz. If done correctly, it improves the quality of life.

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