Elizabeth Large's Top 10 Places To Celebrate Earth Day

April 29, 2009|By ELIZABETH LARGE

It's not too late to dine green. Last week's Top 10 Tuesday on Dining@Large was Top 10 Restaurants to Celebrate Earth Day. Here's my list in alphabetical order:


Dogwood Cafe in Hampden. Owners Bridget and Galen Sampson are known for their eco-consciousness and good deeds - and the food is good.


Elevation Burger in Harbor East. The all-natural, organic version of fast food, plus veggie burgers if you insist.


Feast@4East in Mount Vernon. A very personal dining experience, emphasizing local ingredients. The owner/chef always includes vegan dishes.


Great Sage in Clarksville. A global vegetarian menu, organic wines and beers, a handsome setting and events like a raw food dinner and animal advocates day.


Grind-On Cafe in Hamilton. The owner is trying to leave a small carbon footprint and is encouraging others to do the same.


One World Cafe in Tuscany/Canterbury. It specializes in an all-natural, chemical-free, low-fat cuisine.


Rockfish in Annapolis. To get the full scoop, visit its Web site.


Spoons in Federal Hill. This coffee cafe and roastery was the first certified-green restaurant in Maryland.


Wild Orchid Cafe in Annapolis. The French/Southern cuisine is based on local produce and humanely raised animals. Plus extra points for the name.


Woodberry Kitchen in Woodberry/Hampden. My nomination for the most completely eco-friendly restaurant Baltimore has, down to the leftover containers made from sugar cane.

readers talk back

Mini-(Dogwood), in the Women's Industrial Exchange, too. Especially if you want amazing desserts.

Posted by: Lissa

And if you are in walking distance to any of these, all the better.

Posted by: Frequent Little Italy Restaurant Visitor

No Liquid Earth, Aliceanna Street, Fells Point?

Posted by: nancy

I was thinking about just going outside and grazing for dinner. Unfortunately, we are now in the season of pesticide application at Cross Keys.

Posted by: Robert of Cross Keys

Thanks for the list of ten. Now I know what places to avoid at all cost.

Posted by: Frank Smith

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