April 28, 2009

Tough tactics help stop attacks

I imagine liberal Democrats and terrorists are sleeping more easily now that the new commander in chief has banned the use of waterboarding during interrogation of captured terrorists.

Never mind that some at the CIA have said using "enhanced techniques" of interrogation, including waterboarding, on al-Qaida leader Khalid Sheik Mohammed led to his revealing information that helped thwart a planned 9/11-style attack on Los Angeles.

But according to President Barack Obama's way of thinking, it's more important to reach out to our Islamic enemies than to protect our own citizens.

Richard Seymour, Baltimore

Wrong to use dead to make a point

In "Give us a true picture" (Commentary, March 29), Elizabeth Lazar called on the government to show us the reality of war by making pictures of the war dead public. As a military brat with a father who proudly served his country for almost 30 years, I say: Shame on her.

How dare she seek to use the bodies of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers to make a point?

How would she like to turn on the TV or open a magazine and be confronted with the image of a deceased loved one?

Christy Norwood, Atlanta

A vivid reminder of homemaker's life

Fred Rasmussen's obituaries are always carefully crafted reflections of a person's life. And he did outstanding work in the obituary for Portia B. Pitts ("A homemaker who raised a dozen children, she was active in her East Baltimore church," April 16).

Although I do not know anyone in Mrs. Pitts' family, I could almost see them at the dinner table.

Dolly Ziegler, Towson

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