Sneaking Suspicion This Won't Work Out Way Lions Had Hoped

April 26, 2009|By Peter Schmuck

News item: The Detroit Lions took all the suspense out of the first pick in the NFL draft, agreeing with Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford on a huge contract Friday. The face value of the deal is $78 million, and he's guaranteed $41.7 million, even if the Lions go 0-16 in each of the next six seasons.

My take: Based on their past success drafting quarterbacks early in the first round, I think it's fair to assume this will not end well.

News item: Minnesota Vikings first-round draft choice Percy Harvin, a wide receiver who might have been of interest to the Ravens, was reportedly one of the college prospects who tested positive for marijuana at the NFL scouting combine.

My take: I'm going to defer comment on this item to Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta, who said on WBAL the other night that failing a drug test at the combine is "like showing up for a job interview in a clown costume."

News item: Maryland Terrapins guard Greivis Vasquez has decided to test the waters in the NBA draft but will protect his college eligibility by not hiring an agent.

My take: Don't know whether he would go high enough to make it worth his while, but it certainly wouldn't hurt him to spend an additional year growing up at College Park.

News item: The independent York Revolution experimented during spring training this month with a 3-foot-2 pinch hitter, who - theoretically - could be used to get an automatic walk in key situations.

My take: Funny, it worked when Bill Veeck tried it with Eddie Gaedel, but Dave Flood ended up going 0-for-3 with three strikeouts and a walk in four plate appearances before the idea was abandoned.

News item: The Kansas City Chiefs traded near-certain future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez to the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, ridding themselves of one of the best tight ends in the history of the NFL.

My take: The deal was apparently made as a courtesy to Gonzalez, who wants a chance to play for a winner. That is probably news to recently acquired Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, who was kind of hoping there would be receivers on his new team, since they always had some in New England.

News item: Even though high prices and a staggering economy have left a lot of seats empty at the new Yankee Stadium, club officials have announced they will raise the price of premium tickets by 4 percent next season.

My take: I suppose if you're willing to pay $2,625 for a seat in the front row of the field level, you're probably not going to care whether it costs $105 more next year. I mean, Mark Teixeira's got to make a living.

News item: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has indicated he will not reinstate disgraced quarterback Michael Vick until Vick has displayed genuine remorse for his role in an illegal dogfighting ring.

My take: Not sure how Vick is supposed to do that, but I'm guessing that his much-publicized attempt to shop a reality show wasn't quite what Goodell had in mind.

News item: The Florida Marlins got off to an 11-1 start but have lost five straight since then.

My take: Don't know how much of a surprise that is, considering that the high-flying fish are 6-0 against the Washington Nationals and 5-6 against everybody else.

News item: The Kansas City Royals' Zach Greinke pitched a complete game Friday night against the Detroit Tigers. He is 4-0 and has yet to give up an earned run this season.

My take: There's a lesson in there somewhere for the Orioles and their fans. Greinke was rushed up to the majors at 20 years old in 2004 and went a combined 13-28 with a 4.99 ERA in his first two seasons.

News item: Goalie Martin Brodeur had to play on a bloody ankle to record his 23rd career postseason shutout and push the New Jersey Devils closer to victory in their playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes.

My take: If I were Curt Schilling, I would sue the guy for copyright infringement.

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