April 26, 2009

Fraud confirms fears of protesters

The worst fears of all the citizens who supported the "tea parties" last week have now been realized.

We were against the uncontrolled spending and waste of taxpayer dollars by the government. And now the article "Bailout fraud cases emerge" (April 21) describes at least 20 investigations into possible fraud in the use of bailout funds, cases that could cost taxpayers "tens of billions of dollars."

We can expect the same waste and fraud if government takes more control over health care, energy policy, etc.

Is it any wonder why American taxpayers are rebelling?

Politicians, be they Republicans or Democrats, who voted for the bailouts and budget packages without reading them or debating their provisions for earmarks should be on notice. Those who dismiss this grass-roots movement are not facing reality and are destined to be replaced in future elections.

H. Mand, Baltimore

Senator still fights the critical battles

In 1971, I was 12 years old. I did not want Interstate 83 to come close to my house, so I volunteered time to work with Barbara A. Mikulski ("Mikulski prepares to run for historic fifth term in Senate," April 21).

I am 50 years old now, and I have yet to regret my support for Ms. Mikulski.

As a child, my enemy was the road. As an adult, my enemies are in the Christian right and on talk radio.

Many of my dreams have come true. Roads are no longer my enemy. But the senator is still fighting my enemies.

Denny Olver, Baltimore

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