City Showing It Has Passion For Fashion



Fashion is certainly the passion with Baltimore's social set these days.

Fashion-themed fundraisers have been popping up all over. Among the latest, the first-ever VIP shindig last weekend prior to Maryland Institute College of Art's annual Student Fashion Show.

No sooner had MICA board chair Fredye Gross, and fellow fashionistas Suzi Cordish, Wendy Jachman and Terry Morgenthaler, organized the get-together, than all 100 tickets sold out. Guests got to enjoy a buffet as well as take part in a silent auction that offered new and barely used wearable treasures (size 81/2 Jimmy Choos, anyone?) before enjoying the two-hour fashion show.

Fit for a king Meanwhile, Baltimore's Prime Rib restaurant went royal last Saturday night. For real. His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan dined there with a group of 11. We're not counting the additional tables taken by various and sundry security folks. I hear he was very pleasant and gracious, and ordered shrimp cocktail and the house specialty - prime rib - medium.

Apparently, the waiters who directly served the king's table had to wear special lapel pins, so his security could keep tabs.

Then, the king ran into a couple of old friends, Buzzy and Cheryl Krongaard, who were having dinner there with their grandkids.

Hugs and kisses all the way around. You may recall Buzzy was CEO-chairman of the board of Alex Brown before serving as executive director of the CIA from 2001 to 2004. So, how did he and King Abdullah became such good friends? We so don't want to know!

Creative Alliance

Should a party with a theme of "Goldfinger" mean that you're dealing with a room full of James Bond and Bond Girl clones? Not if that party is the "Marquee Ball," Creative Alliance's big bash. Guests are encouraged to take any artistic direction to costume themselves.

Sure, you had a couple of golden go-go girls. But, what about those others walking around the Patterson on stilts? Some folks went with the gold idea, but not necessarily 007.

"When I heard the theme, I just thought gold mixed with a wrestler for some reason," said artist-in-residence Rene Trevino as he explained why he had designed lame body suits for himself and Social Security Administration programmer Paul Frey, complete with black mohawk-topped hooded masks and black capes.

Others did their own variations on the Bond theme. Board member Dan Inglett had covered himself with stuffed animals - all felines - in honor of Bond's love interest in the movie Goldfinger. Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance director Nancy Haragen had outfitted herself in a red wig styled in a 1960s 'do.

Meanwhile, "Marquee Ball" first-timer Paul L. Saval, president/CEO of Saval Foods, stood along the wall and watched a couple go by with Barbie dolls on their heads, followed by someone completely covered in pieces of colored foil. "It's a little 'out there,' " he said. "It's wild."

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