April 23, 2009

New trash plan frugal, efficient

Under the city's proposed "One Plus One" plan, trash would still be picked up twice a week ("A perfect day for tidying up," April 19). Residents would be required, however, to separate their trash into separate containers for recyclable and nonrecyclable waste.

The plan also includes reconfigured, more-efficient trash collection routes that would eliminate the dreaded holiday trash black-out days. And the city has also promised to step up enforcement efforts to stop trash scofflaws - those who litter, dump illegally or fail to use proper containers.

Crews freed up by more-efficient trash routes will be put to work cleaning up alleys and vacant lots. And we'll save taxpayer dollars: The city has to pay to dispose of waste but can make a few bucks selling recyclables.

The plan is an appropriately efficient and frugal response to economic reality.

Gigi Wirtz, Baltimore

Tired of hearing Obama apologize

I resent the apologies made by the president during the recent "Obama Apology for America Tour" in Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean ("Obama defends diplomacy," April 20). The U.S. has always responded to any country in times of war or natural disasters. We have supplied manpower, food, medical supplies and money without stipulations.

My country owes no apology to any country for anything.

Dave Leiberman, Owings Mills

A light sentence for drunken driver

If you ask me, Christopher Herman Lentz got off easy for killing Katherine S. Brady and her 8-year-old son, Wilson ("Driver gets 13 years in fatal crash," April 10). Forty years in jail wouldn't be enough for what he did to that family.

D.E. Maciolek, Lutherville

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