It's Happening

5 Things To Look For Today

April 21, 2009


New color scheme:

Red Sox made the Orioles blue, so they hope White Sox don't make them pale (7 p.m., MASN).


Such a deal:

Now that Ryan Zimmerman has his new contract, everything will turn around for the Nationals (vs. Braves, 7 p.m., MASN2), right?



Watch LeBron James (left) try to make the Pistons disappear in a puff of powder (10 p.m., ESPN).


Turn of phrase:

May we call Game 4 of the Penguins-Flyers series (7 p.m., Versus) pivotal even though pivot is a basketball term?


Wait a minute:

If you were going to buy a Ravens jersey with "Boldin" on the back, maybe you had better put that on hold.

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