Make The Grab: Ravens Should Consider Snatching Up Boldin

April 19, 2009|By Peter Schmuck

News item: The Ravens might make an offer to the Arizona Cardinals for disgruntled wide receiver Anquan Boldin, though it would probably cost them a first- and third-round draft choice.

My take: That's a steep price, but I think general manager Ozzie Newsome should seriously consider it. That late first-round pick isn't likely to add a new dimension to the Ravens' offense. Boldin would.

News item: Through the first 10 games of the season, the Orioles' offense averaged 6.4 runs and 10 hits.

My take: That would be just great if opponents didn't average 6.6 runs and 12 hits over the same period.

News item: Top Orioles prospect Matt Wieters had to be removed from Friday night's game between the Triple-A Norfolk Tides and Gwinnett Braves because of cramping in his right hamstring.

My take: Club officials aren't terribly concerned, but Orioles fans will be holding their breath until he gets back in the lineup. The only thing higher than the expectations built up around this kid is the Orioles' team ERA.

News item: The Florida Marlins have won 10 of their first 11 games to get off to the best start in the brief history of the franchise.

My take: That record probably should go into the books with an asterisk because five of those victories have been against the Washington Nationals.

News item: Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez has offered Duke basketball player Greg Paulus, who has one season of NCAA eligibility remaining after playing four years of hoops for the Blue Devils, a chance to compete for the Wolverines' starting quarterback position.

My take: Sounds logical to me, if only because Paulus would be the only fifth-year senior on the team who isn't 0-4 against Ohio State.

Bonus take: Think about it. If he wins the job and then loses to the Buckeyes next season, he would be the rare Wolverine quarterback who has beaten Michigan and not OSU.

News item: The Minnesota Twins' Jason Kubel became the second American Leaguer to hit for the cycle in three days, completing the feat with a grand slam to defeat the Los Angeles Angels on Friday night.

My take: It was actually more impressive than the cycle completed Wednesday night by the Texas Rangers' Ian Kinsler because it included a grand slam and came against a team with a pitching staff.

News item: Gary Sheffield became the 25th player to hit his 500th career home run when he launched his milestone shot off Milwaukee Brewers reliever Mitch Stetter at Citi Field on Friday night.

My take: If you want to put the current era in its proper perspective - and you can interpret that any way you want - Sheffield is the 11th player to reach 500 since 1995.

Bonus take: Of course, this opens the debate over whether Sheffield is a Hall of Famer. I believe he will eventually gain induction, but his involvement in the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative scandal might make him wait through a few ballots.

News item: Isiah Thomas has agreed to donate the first year of his salary to charity as part of his deal to coach at Florida International. So, essentially, he'll work for free next season.

My take: I'm guessing New York Knicks fans would insist that he's still going to be overpaid.

News item: Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka has been placed on the disabled list with arm fatigue just weeks after he carried the Japanese team to victory in the World Baseball Classic.

My take: So, the Red Sox paid a $51.1 million posting fee to buy his rights from Japan and an additional $52 million for him to pitch six years in the U.S. and he wore out his arm pitching for the Japanese national team? In the irony department, it doesn't get any better than that.

Final note: In my blog, The Schmuck Stops Here, I asked readers to submit their Orioles versions of the famous baseball lament "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain."

My take: The winner, in my opinion, was from a poster who calls himself Matt in Yorktown: "Guthrie and Koji and pray for snowji."

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