April 17, 2009


Earth: (Walt Disney Pictures) Feature-length version of the documentary TV series Planet Earth, following the migration paths of four animal families.

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Fados : (New Yorker Films) The third film in Carlos Saura's music-and-dance trilogy explores fado, a melancholy genre popular in Portugal. In Portuguese with English subtitles.

Fighting : (Rogue Pictures) A seasoned scam artist introduces a young brawler to the violent world of underground street fighting. With Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard.

The Informers: (Senator Entertainment) In a series of interconnected tales, movie moguls, rock stars and a vampire live it up in 1980s Los Angeles. With Billy Bob Thornton and Mickey Rourke.

Obsessed : (Screen Gems) A successful businessman's life is turned upside down after a young temp starts stalking him. With Beyonce Knowles and Jerry O'Connell.

Of Time and the City : (Strand Releasing) Filmmaker Terence Davies looks at the history and transformation of his birthplace, Liverpool, England.

The Soloist: (Paramount Pictures) A columnist for the Los Angeles Times befriends a homeless Juilliard-trained musician. With Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx.

Release dates are subject to change.

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