Elizabeth Large's Top 10 Food Sins In The Workplace

April 15, 2009|By ELIZABETH LARGE

Today we're discussing the Top 10 Greatest Food Sins in the Workplace. Here's my list:


Eating ersatz butter-flavored popcorn. The smell makes me gag even more than the fish smell. (See No. 2.) For most other people, burning the popcorn is the sin.


Reheating fish in the office microwave.


Storing the kind of food in your desk that attracts rodents.


Leaving an open milk carton/yogurt/other food item in the back of the communal fridge until it's so far past its expire date it starts to smell/mold.


Leaving one ice cube in the freezer tray so you won't have to refill it.


Stealing someone else's food from the communal fridge.


Eating takeout Chinese or Mexican at your desk and then putting the cartons/wrappers in the trash so your co-workers have to put up with the smell for the rest of the afternoon.


Not cleaning up after an explosion in the microwave or a spill in the fridge.


Talking with a co-worker within earshot of others about what's in the hamburger meat served at your workplace cafeteria.


Zucchini dumping: Bringing in your garden's overabundance of zucchini that you've let grow bigger than a man's arm.

readers talk back

Thank you for reminding me why I have not been in my office's break room for over 5 years.

Posted by: C Double

How about the one who leaves her tupperware bowl (or coffee cup) in the communal sink to "soak" for awhile? Next morning, when one goes to make a fresh pot of coffee, the bowl/cup is still there, full of now cold, greasy soapy water...with food floating in it. Yuk.

Posted by: mededitor

The co-worker with the iron willpower who leaves candy on her desk. Esp. when she sits right next to you, and your willpower is lousy.

Posted by: Frequent Little Italy Restaurant Visitor

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