April 12, 2009

Other states grant full marital equality

Congratulations to Iowa and Vermont for recognizing full marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples ("Override makes gay marriage legal in Vermont," April 8).

Civil marriage for gays does not denigrate or disrespect religious ceremonies but simply upholds the constitutional right of equal protection for all.

My husband and I are thrilled that our lesbian daughter and all the friends of hers we know will now be able to legally marry in a few states.

We look forward to the day when the progressive state of Maryland and the rest of the country will join in celebrating civil marriage for all.

Colette Roberts, Columbia

The writer is chairperson of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Columbia/Howard County.

Immigration reform still a better option

Denying driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants won't result in safer roads, it will just push more immigrants into the shadows ("No special license for illegal aliens," letters, April 3).

Gov. Martin O'Malley should show greater leadership and follow the example of other states wisely allowing immigrants to drive safely and work toward a real solution for the problems of undocumented immigrants in Maryland.

Jaime Contreras, Baltimore

The writer is capital area director for Service Employees International Union Local 32-BJ.

Obama distorts nation's precepts

President Barack Obama once again ignored our history to pander to foreign governments when he said in Turkey that the United States "does not consider itself a Christian nation."

We are a very diverse and multicultural society, as Mr. Obama also suggested. However, the founders of this great nation were very clear that its foundation was on Judeo-Christian principles. And Abraham Lincoln, a man Mr. Obama so admires, spoke very clearly of these principles as the basis for our nation and its government.

Mr. Obama's pandering and groveling to foreign governments shows them nothing but weakness.

J. Edward Head, Elkridge

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