Partnership gives every third-grader a dictionary

April 12, 2009|By John-John Williams IV

A new partnership between seven Rotary Clubs in Howard County and the school system will give every third-grader in the county a new dictionary, school officials said.

The dictionaries have been distributed since the beginning of the school year to the 3,500 third-graders in the county, said school system spokeswoman Patti Caplan. Dictionaries also have been given to the Bridges Program, an after-school program for underachieving students.

Under the partnership, which is scheduled to be formalized Wednesday, the seven clubs have agreed to purchase and distribute copies of A Student's Dictionary & Gazetteer.

For the past five years, the clubs have donated dictionaries to many of the county's third-graders, but the partnership will result in dictionaries for all of them.

"This way we make sure that all the schools are covered," Caplan said.

The partnership stipulates that Rotary members will meet with the students and show them how to use the dictionaries and some of the features, which include mathematical equations, descriptions of planets, a copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and presidential biographies.

"By making this an official partnership the intention is to continue the initiative," Caplan said.

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